Party of One

Solo traveler

Posted June 22, 2023

I realize it isn’t relatable to a fair bit of people why I would love to travel solo especially to a Disney park. In an effort to explain it, you have to take a peek into my life, but first into my brain. Proceed with caution!

I have always been an independent person. As a youngling, I was perfectly content to play My Little Pony by myself in my room. Through my formative years I was a little more focused on socializing with peers, but there were external expectations rather than internal ones. Also, it was a logistics problem. I didn’t like to drive nor did I have a car, so I needed people. 

Don’t get me wrong. I have friends and I love them dearly. They are incredible people who I deeply enjoy spending time with. I love to chat and text with them and even travel with some of them. However, if my choice is not going to Disney or going to Disney alone, I will pick solo everytime. Coordinating schedules is hard! My job is busiest during the summer which tends to be other’s downtime. 

I am not good at math, but it also plays a role here. To travel with my family costs me ⅔ more than for me to go by myself. Solo travel offers more opportunities for me to visit Mickey. 

Now, a little glimpse into my life. I mentioned in What Disney Means to Me that my son has disabilities. I love him to the ends of the earth and beyond, but working full time, being a caregiver, wife, daughter and so on gets pretty taxing on my “me” time. I have an incredible life partner and we each recognize the need for the other to have time away to only have to worry about one person’s needs. 

For me, it is freeing to be on a flight thousands of miles above all of the demands. I can do nothing but watch something I downloaded to my iPad and cash in on my Southwest free drink tickets. Shout out to Southwest airlines!

When it’s just me, I can do as much or as little as I want to. I have gone to a park and walked around and only rode one ride. (For shame!). I never worry about what I do or don’t do because I know I will be back. Often my trips will have some focus or goal, run a half marathon, ride Guardians of the Galaxy, get a picture with Kevin, dine at Space 220, but outside of that, I am easy breezy. Truly relaxed letting whatever happens happen.

It is a very personal choice, and it isn't for everyone. I happily can go all day and not have a real conversation with anyone, and also you are never alone at Disney. There is always someone to chat up in a line or at a restaurant or a cast member. I can ride in the single rider line! I spring for the Memory Maker photo pass because my only regrets are never having enough photos from my trips. I go back and look at them often and they bring me joy. 

There is incredible magic when Disney is shared with others and the energy is palpable. For me, I am also perfectly content to marinate my soul in the Disney magic alone. Soak up every drop for the future less magical moments of life.