How I Keep the Disney Magic at Home (Part 1)

Preventing Disney Homesickness

Posted June 16, 2024

I live in Indiana. Both geography and my real life keep me from my happy place, so I do as much as I can to create magic at home. Although little compares to what I feel when I am on a Disney property, I feel joy in the things around me that remind me of my trips.

I am fortunate that my real job is casual and I can wear my Disney attire. I have an embarrassing amount of Disney shirts and sweatshirts. Enough so that every couple of years I make an effort to buy some non-Disney items to balance it out. I have some shirts that are special vacation only shirts to preserve them. Mickey Mouse is my very favorite character so most of my inventory sports him, but Star Wars and Marvel are also represented.

In addition to my wardrobe, my jewelry also contains pieces of Disney magic. In particular, I am a big fan of Pandora’s Disney line. I have a Mickey Mouse Pandora ring that I wear daily and is my lucky charm. My other Pandora staple is a hidden Mickey charm that I wear on a necklace instead of on a bracelet. I have a bangle bracelet as well that has a few charms that I like to switch out. 

I start every morning drinking my coffee from a Disney mug. I have a variety to choose from. Among my very favorite are the JoyJolt insulated double wall glass coffee mugs. They keep my coffee nice and hot and are beautiful. I feel so fancy drinking from a glass mug. JoyJolt has a variety of Disney glasses. I have some of their wine glasses as well. Their products do give a jolt of joy to my life. Pro tip, don’t save the fancy glasses for a special occasion. Celebrate everyday! Water tastes a little better when the vessel I am drinking it out of has a Disney character on it.

Speaking of things tasting better, food is always better to me when it is Mickey shaped. The Mickey waffle maker is a staple in my home. I even buy the Golden Malted mix so they taste authentic. Mickey cookie cutters are not just for cookies! They can shape biscuits and a variety of other foods. If they are metal, they can be used to even make Mickey shaped eggs and pancakes.

When you walk in my house, you are welcomed by a Mickey sign with an interchangeable magnet. The magnet can be changed to reflect seasons, holidays, celebrations or Disney characters. Disney offers many home items that up the level of magic in my life when I am far away. Our dishes are Mickey. They are subtle, but he is there for every meal reminding me of one of my most favorite things to do at Disney…Dine!

Although it only is for part of the year, Christmas tree ornaments are a favorite souvenir from my travels. I love recalling the memories when I pull them out and hang them, and then again everytime I look at the tree. 

Practically everywhere I look in my daily life there is a piece of Disney bringing me happiness. Even in my car there is a Mickey clipped to a vent. Many are subtle nods that others may not even notice. For me, they are there bringing happiness to me when I am away from my happy place.